Public Works Department

In 2016 the Department of Public Works (DPW) paved 0.3 miles of Main St. from Central St. up to the split at Bay Rd. and Charles St., paved 2.6 miles of Spring St. from Central St. to Rt. 11, and paved 1.6 miles of Meetinghouse Hill Rd. from Rt.11 to Ten Rod Rd. The DPW crew spent a great deal of time preparing these roads for paving by repaving severely deteriorated sections of existing pavement, grading shoulders, and repairing drainage. The DPW worked on a1.0 mile section of dirt road on Meaderboro Rd. and ditched shoulders, added or replaced culverts as needed, scarified existing gravel surface, and added new crush gravel to improve the road.  We will continue to work on gravel roads that we have identified to be lacking adequate gravel and with poor drainage.  In 2017 and in years to follow, roadway rehabilitation and sidewalk improvements throughout the Town must continue to be one of the primary focuses for the DPW. 

The amount of roadways that are improved on an annual basis will be a function of the budget that is approved by Town of Farmington residents. The current cost to reconstruct a mile of road is aprox. $185,000 that includes grinding existing asphalt in place, reshaping road profile, compaction, and repaving. The DPW’s mission will be to continue to improve the condition of the Town’s roads and sidewalks for public safety and infrastructure longevity, and to develop long and short-term maintenance objectives.  The Director of Public Works will work closely with the Town Administrator and Board of Selectmen to develop a roadway and sidewalk rehabilitation and maintenance plan.

The DPW will also continue its focus on maintaining and repairing existing drainage ditches and storm-water swales, catch basins, culverts, in conjunction with gravel road and paved road improvements. In addition, pavement striping, painting of crosswalks for pedestrian’s safety, the application of calcium chloride for dust control measures, and tree maintenance are also performed throughout the year. 

The DPW continues to maintain roadways and sidewalks during the winter months by plowing, sanding and salting, and patching potholes. Damaged mailboxes in the winter are an ongoing problem. The drivers do not intentionally hit them. The damage is most often caused by heavy wet snow/slush coming off the wing plow and striking a mailbox that is old and not maintained. Mailboxes should be set to a standard height and a standard distance off the roadway as specified by the local U.S. Postal Service. Each fall residents who have rural mailboxes should check that their mailbox is sufficiently attached and supported to withstand winter plowing.

The Department of Public Works maintains all Town-owned vehicles including Police, Fire, Water, Wastewater, Transfer Station, Recreation, and its own fleet vehicles.  The department is developing a systematic approach for performing routine and preventative maintenance of the Town’s fleet vehicles with the intent of prolonging the life of the vehicles and equipment that it operates.  The DPW will continue working on refining the maintenance schedules, and performing preventative maintenance repairs throughout 2017.

Staff Contacts

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Gary Rogers Interim Public Works Director (603) 755-4884