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Public Notice re: Intent to Cut Wood or Timber

In accordance with NH RSA 79:10-1(b) the Board of Selectmen are in receipt of Notice of Intent to Cut Wood or Timber, on:

Map  R60    Lot 005
Location: NH Route 11
Owner: Scott White

And intend to review and sign the Intent within the next 15 days.

Posted: May 13, 2022
Kelly Heon, Assessing Clerk

***Public Notice***


The Farmington Planning Board will meet on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at 6:00PM in the Municipal Offices Building, 356 Main Street to hold a Public Hearing and Possible Vote on a Major Boundary Line Adjustment for Eben and Charles Dorr, Tax Map R-29, Lot 38-2, Tax Map R-29, Lot 14, and Tax Map R-38, Lot 2-1.

The applicants are proposing to make several boundary line adjustments to their adjacent properties. Adjustments include the transfer of a total of 15.28 acres from Tax Map R-29, Lots 14 and 38-2 to Tax Map R-38, Lot 2-1; a transfer of 14.82 acres from Tax Map R-29, Lot 38-2 to Tax Map R-29, Lot 14; and a transfer of 0.40 acres from Tax Map R-29, Lot 14 to Tax Map R-29, Lot 38-2. The properties are in the Agricultural Residential Zoning District.