Board of Selectmen

The Board of Selectmen's regularly scheduled meetings are on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6:00pm in the Selectmen's Chambers, 356 Main Street. This schedule is subject to change so be sure to check the Town Meeting Calendar for actual meeting dates and times. Call the Selectmen's office at (603) 755-2208 if you have any questions.

Chairmans Report for 2019

Busy. Busy. Busy is how I would describe this past year. The job of Selectman has not been easy this year. Money gets tighter and projects never cease to surface. Having said that, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all department heads, employees and the Town Administrator for carefully expending lasts year's budget and creating the budget for this year.

Revaluation. One of the things that affected many people this year was the town wide revaluation. Selectmen must reappraise all real estate in the town so that assessments are at "full and true value" at least every 5 years by state statute. The listing and appraising of property is for tax purposes. The reason it is important is because each year the Town votes on the budget, the valuation of the Town is used to set the tax rate which in turn pays for the School, the Town and contributes to the state budget.

Projects. The water meter switch out went great! I would like to thank everyone involved for helping us get this done in a timely manner. New England Backflow Company did a good job working with our townspeople affected by the project. It was no small feat! We started with 1200 plus meters that needed to be installed and have less than 100 still needing to be addressed.

The update of the master plan for the Town is coming to a close. The Arnett Development Group worked closely with the UNH Cooperative Extension and our own group of citizens that made up the Downtown Revitalization Committee. To initiate more community involvement as a way to collect data, a public community forum was held and a community-wide survey was conducted. Both were well received! Data was collected and sorted. It will strengthen the resolve of our master plan as it is the tool we use to aid us in the application for grants. For this, I would like to thank the UNH Cooperative Extension, the Downtown Revitalization Committee and all our townspeople who participated in the community outreach.

The search is on... the Board of Selectmen have been working with the Emery and Garret Company in the search for viable areas for a replacement well for well #4. The company conducts groundwater investigations, test drillings, and piloting to determine the best location for placement. We are researching and pursuing possibilities to ensure quality and quantity of water for the Town for years to come.The solar array projects experienced more hiccups this year. A new company, Blue Planet, has taken over ownership of the solar project. There seemed to be some communication problems concerning the percent of completeness during the transfer of ownership that slowed down progress. Blue Planet has filed all the necessary paperwork and worked with the Department of Environmental Services to make substantial headway. It is believed that the Town should see construction begin as soon as possible.

Roads continue to be a concern of the Board. We have continued to add money in the budget for the maintenance and upkeep of our roads. We have taken a proactive approach by not only posting our outer roads when needed, but also, posting weight limits on our inner town roads. This was done after a lot of thought to help reduce the stress and wear from trucks that these roads were not designed to carry. Hopefully, it will allow more time for planning purposes.

Ongoing and future projects. The Board of Selectmen and the Town Administrator have been working diligently to get more properties back on the tax rolls. This year we were able to sell 5 more properties. Not only will it add $119,100.00 back into usable revenue, it also adds the properties back into the mix to help pay for the budget. Another project the Board will be taking on will be a review of the transfer station and how we do business. A large increase in the budget this year came from heightened tipping and hauling fees. This is coupled with the problem of recyclable disposal worldwide. We will be considering our options and developing plans to continue to make our transfer station an affordable option for the Town.

A quick thank you. Thank you to our emergency teams, Fire and Police, for the great job they do for all of us. They operate in a difficult climate and always make us proud. A continuing thank you to the Farmington Preservation and Improvement Organization for their efforts with the banners, flags and Christmas lights. They remind us that our little town is special. Thank you to all of our volunteers who serve on boards, committees and nonprofit groups. Without your time commitments, the Town would be at a severe disadvantage. Thank you to the Town Administrator and the rest of my board. We have worked very hard to put forth a responsible and manageable budget this year. I hope our efforts have met your expectations. Lastly, I would like to thank all the residents of Farmington for allowing us to serve you. Hope your year is healthy and prosperous.

Respectfully submitted, Paula Proulx

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