Class VI Roadways


Q. What is a Class VI road?
A. In the state’s highway classification system, which is defined in RSA 229:5, Class VI roads are “all other existing public ways,” meaning public ways not otherwise classified as Class IV or Class V roads. Class VI roads include those that have been discontinued subject to gates and bars, as well as those that have “not been maintained and repaired by the town in suitable condition for travel” for five successive years or more. (See RSA 229:5, VII.) The two important keys to this statutory definition are that Class VI roads are public ways, and they are roads that the town has no duty to maintain. Note that the definition of a Class V road is one that the town does have a duty to maintain. (See RSA 229:5, VI.)



  1. Russell Lane (both Class 5 & Class 6 roadway)
  2. Park Drive (both Class 5 & Class 6 roadway)
  3. Aiken Road (both Class 5 and Class 6 roadway)
  4. Haywagon Road
  5. Old Range Road
  6. Pound Road
  7. Scruton Road
  8. Sheepboro Road