Transfer Station

In 2012 the Department of Public Works (DPW) worked closely with its’ consultant CMA Engineers Inc., the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), and with Northeast Earth Mechanics to complete the closure of the Town of Farmington’s landfill in October 2012.  Additionally, the town submitted an application for partial reimbursement of the landfill closure costs to the NHDES. The application for reimbursement was approved in December 2013 and the Town is receiving these funds on an annual basis.

In May 2012 the Town officially opened and began operating our new transfer station.  A list of the materials that the transfer station is permitted by the NHDES to accept is posted on the Town’s website, and is also located at the transfer station and Municipal Building.  With the opening of the transfer station the Town discontinued sorting, bailing and marketing its recyclables to outside vendors and/or end-users, and began receiving and processing its recyclables utilizing the “single-stream” method which allows all recyclables (including all plastics) to be disposed of by the Town’s residents into one compactor.  Acceptable recyclables include plastic number 1 thru 7 narrow necked containers, tin, aluminum, glass containers, and paper materials including newspaper, magazines, mixed paper, junk mail, and cardboard. We encourage all residents to recycle. Recycling reduces your individual costs by reducing the number of Town trash decals you have to purchase and also saves the Town budget $46/ton in tipping fees. As of Jan. 1, 2017 the days of operation have been changed to Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 8am to 4pm.

Thank you to all those who continue to use the Town’s transfer station and who actively participate in the Town’s recycling efforts. In 2016 the Town sent 518.03 tons of municipal solid waste to the Turnkey landfill for disposal along with 353.56 tons of bulky/demo wastes. Residents recycled 337.51 tons using single stream recycling with a recycling rate of 40% by weight.  The residents also recycled 9138 pounds of electronics and 68.4 tons of scrap metal.  We continue to encourage comments and/or suggestions that may assist us as we continue to fine tune the operations of our new transfer station in 2017. Our mission is to continue to better serve the residents of Farmington in a professional, courteous, timely, and efficient manner.