Town Clerk / Tax Collector

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2018 Dog Tags are in. Come register early and beat the deadline of 4/30/18!!
Doesn't cost extra to register early.

Sign-ups for Town Offices begin Wednesday 1/24/18 and continue through Friday 2/2/18.
Any resident of Farmington who is registered and qualified to vote here is eligible to sign up to run for office.

The following Positions are open:

Board of Selectman for 3 years
Budget Committee for 3 years
Supervisor of the Checklist for 6 years
Supervisor of the Checklist for 2 years
Town Moderator for 2 years
Treasurer for 1 year
Trustee of Trustfunds for 3 years

School Board for 3 years
School Clerk for 1 year
School Moderator for 1 year
School Treasurer for 1 year

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kathy Seaver Town Clerk / Tax Collector (603) 755-3657 ext.27
Rebecca Dickie Deputy (603) 755-3657 ext.26
Diana Spaulding Assistant (603) 755-3657 ext.28
Anita Censabella Assistant