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Complaint Procedure


The objective of the Farmington Policy on complaints is to provide a procedure which:

  • Allows individuals an avenue to file complaints in a structured manner.
  • Is simple to use for all residents/citizens of Farmington.
  • Deals with issues as close to the source as possible.
  • Deals with issues as quickly as possible.
  • Ensures complaints are followed up.
  • Takes action to solve the complaints.
  • Allows Department Head to prioritize complaints.


The complaint process has several steps:

Written Complaint / Phone-in Complaints:

  • Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.
  • Individual(s) fills out a complaint form or if called in the form will be filled out by the Selectman’s Secretary.
  • Form is filled out and submitted to the Selectman's Secretary.
  • The Selectman's Secretary will date stamp and log in the complaint.
  • The complaint will be given to the correct person by the Town Administrator for follow up following review.

Once the complaint is received by the Department Head:

  • Form is reviewed to determine priority.
  • Prior to any action, complaints are researched by looking at all available files and information to determine if there is a legitimate complaint.
  • If it is determined that there is a possible violation/issue, Department Head will conduct a site visit if needed to review the extent of the violation/issue.
  • If after a site visit is done and it is determined there is a violation, Department Head will send a letter to the violator requesting a meeting or other action.
  • Further steps will be determined based on the response received.
  • Steps may include a meeting; follow up letters, additional site visits, referral to state agencies, formal Cease and Desist orders or court action.
  • Complainant may request status updates during enforcement.  .
  • If the violator requests to know who filed the complaint, they will be provided with the information.
  • Complainant will be set a letter on the outcome once complaint is resolved or turned over to legal.

Prioritizing Complaints

  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Road Issues (RSA 231:91)
  • Zoning Issues
  • Junkyard / Property Condition Issues
  • Building Code / Permit / Health Issues


All complaints are taken very seriously. All complaints, written, are treated with the same amount of standing. The Department Head reserves the right to waive any enforcement action if, after research, it is shown there is a history of unfounded complaints on the same issue. The Board of Selectman will be notified of all complaints and resolutions.

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