Notice of Unauthorized Door to Door Salesman

Representing Terminex

There have been reports of a salesman representing Terminex going door to door selling his service in neighborhoods in the Town of Farmington. This individual, Michaell Cantrell, nor any representative for Terminex, is NOT authorized by the Town to go door to door and has not received a Hawkers Peddlers License. Please call the Police Department at 603-755-2731 if you see this individual going door to door to sell his service.

The Town of Farmington requires anyone going door to door to sell or market any product or service to have a Hawkers Peddlers License issued from the Town. They must prominently display the permit for the public to see. The application goes through the Selectmen's office so if you have any questions regarding someone that is coming to your door, please call 603-755-2208 to see what permits have been issued. You can also request the solicitor to show you his/her permit. We keep a record of the vehicles to be used by the applicant on file. A copy of the Ordinance is on the Town Website