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Economic Development Minutes 04-19-06
Farmington Economic Development Committee
4-19-06 Meeting Minutes

Present: Paula Proulx, Hiram Watson, William Hussey, Cyndi Paulin , Sharla Rollins, Paul Esswein and Paul Weston.

Paula Proulx called the meeting to order at 7:15am.

Approval of Minutes of 3-8-06. After one correction, Paula made motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Sharla seconded the motion. 4 in favor, Hiram abstained.

Upgrade on grading and seeding at Sarah Greenfield Park. Paula updated everyone on the progress. The Towns crew has made a lot of progress with the grading; the appearance is already greatly improved. Cameron’s’ will begin hydro seeding within the first two weeks of May. The cost for seeding will be about $5,000. Artemis has begun some landscaping. Coastal has not made any improvements but it has been difficult with the blowing sand. Now that there is progress at t he park, owners may be inspired to make improvements to their landscaping.

Review of Covenants: The process of dealing with violations of the covenants was discussed. Paul Esswein explained that if an owner is not in compliance with the covenants, the code enforcement officer will send a formal written notice of non-compliance. He will continue to inform the owner of the violations until the owner follows through. The process and communications are documented. If the owner does not come into compliance, the Town can then take the matter to Strafford County Superior Court and ask the court to authorize the Town to impose a $100.00 a day fine until the violations are corrected. The best scenario would be to handle the situation out of court. Paul Esswein stated that he felt the covenants as written are adequate.
Hiram pointed out that ATVs like to ride the slopes and can potentially tear up the new grass and ruin the work that is being done. Paula will ask Paul Weston to check with Public Works to see if they have any snow fences to put up at the trails in back of the slopes. He will also look into getting signs to keep the ATVS off.

Review of marketing package. Paul Esswein presented a map of the SGBP that he has been working on. Sharla presented a Town of Farmington marketing package from 1999 and suggested to use a similar format for the new marketing package. Hiram stated that he had a package that Ernie created. He will give it to Megan to make copies to distribute. The Committee outlined a list of items to include in the marketing   package:
·       Covenants
·       Cost Sheet
·       Town Profile
·       Map
·       Tax Assessment
·       Summary Sheet
·       Steps for building
·       Pictures
It was agreed that each topic would be on a separate sheet. The funds for a marketing package would come from the EDC budget.

Entrance to the park: Cyndi Paulin stated that she felt that the entrance to the park and the surrounding area along route 153 were representative of a ‘gateway to the Town’. The other members agreed. Cyndi suggested they should go before the Board of Selectmen to ask them what their goals were for the Sarah Greenfield Park entrance so that the FDEC can come up with a plan to meet those goals. Hiram mentioned that the Cardinal property on the left of route 153 is an eyesore. He would like to look into the possibility of blocking the view with trees at the front of the property, which is owned by the state. Paul suggested that they formulate goals to bring before the Selectmen and get feedback for direction. The Board of Selectmen has not formally approved the price of $39,000 per acre.
The FDEC will present the following to the Board of Selectmen for approval and direction:
·       Price per acre of $39,000 (include analysis)
·       Price for an entrance sign (to match municipal sign by Steve McDuffie. Pam will provide receipt for cost)
·       Sale signs
·       Landscaping Goals. Does the Board of Selectmen see this area as a gateway to Farmington?
Paula suggested presenting to the Board of Selectmen a generalized plan including a bottom line price. Paul Weston stated that they should seek 3 bids for landscaping. He will ask Joel and Paul Esswein to draft a landscaping plan. Bill suggested they try and match Three Phases landscaping. Sharla added that irrigation is needed and they need to consider maintenance for the landscaping. Paul Weston will check with Kim Brackett on availability and schedule of the two town employees who mow and maintain Town property. The front section of the park is Town property and has been maintained by the Town in the past.
Paula set the Agenda for the May 10 meeting:

·       Approval of minutes
·       Update on marketing plan with Paul Esswein
·       Review past landscaping plan from Camerons
·       Update with Paul Weston on Goals of the Board of Selectmen for landscaping and pricing
·       Review chapters 4 & 5 of the Master Plan

Sharla asked everyone to consider signing up for the annual Golf Tournament to benefit the Farmington Child Care Center.
Hiram let everyone know that the Cocheco River cleanup was coming up soon.
Paul Weston asked those that that had the time to accompany him on a tour of the Sarah Greenfield Park after the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00am.

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